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Custom Bandanas

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Bulk Variety

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Custom Toys

Special occasion? Seasonal/Holiday toys? Personalized toys/bandanas?

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Q's & A's

Do I qualify?

For resale purposes you must own a brick and mortar store, café, clinic, etc. 

For personal bulk customer orders for events such as charities or large giveaways there is a minimum order quantity and no resale.

What is the minimum order?

Minimum order for in stock(on hand) bandanas is 20 and toys are 15!

For custom fabric and toy orders minimum for bandanas is 30 and toys are 20.

What can I customize?

You can customize the print of the fabric you are looking for or have myself design/pick out something specifically for you and for the toys I can create just about anything you are looking for(that's seasonable to make). You can even customize the size or sizes that you would need for the bandanas.

When ordering custom, it does take time and preparation which will further be discussed in the planning stage.

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